Welding and cutting for the Yemen Oil Company, Mukalla Branch

With high efficiency, members of the Techno Dive team in Mukalla managed, today, Wednesday, to remove the stranded ship GULF DOVE belonging to Al-Essa Company, since it ran aground for nearly half a year on Socotra Island. An attempt was made more than once to remove the ship, but all attempts failed, until an agreement was reached with the Techno Diving Office for Diving Services in March of this year, which managed to remove it. This success is added to the successes of the Technodive office, which managed, before earlier, to take out the two ships Mubarak One and the ship Nour Rahman. The office staff indicated that this success comes due to the team's extensive experience in its field of work, while thanking the local authority on Socotra Island for preserving the facilities it provided.