Departure of the delinquent ship, Noor Rahman, on Socotra Island

Members of the diving team at the Techno Diving Office for Diving Services in Mukalla managed, with self-efficacy, to extricate the stranded ship Nour Al-Rahman, three years after it ran aground on Socotra Island. This success is added to the many successes achieved by the office in its record of skills, and the team members of the Technodive Diving Services office are looking forward to more successes in their field of work. It is noteworthy that in February of 2015 AD, the Nour Rahman ship belonging to an Emirati shipping company ran aground as a result of Hurricane Meg, which hit Socotra Island in 2015 AD, and since then attempts were made to get it out, all of which failed until 10/15/2018. Members of the diving team at the Techno Dive Services office were able Dive out.